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Are you sure that your
adhesive is fully cured?

Real-time cure monitoring for increased process reliability in industrial bonding processes with IGB-sense®

Only complete transparency
of the curing process gives certainty

3 main reasons for uncertainty when handling adhesives are…


…the intransparency of a polymer

Insufficient quality of the cured polymer could previously only be determined by offline tests on the finished product.


Measurements of the relevant individual parameters

are only possible to a limited extent and often require in-depth knowledge and experience.


…polymerisation kinetics as an interdisciplinary science

The curing process requires a number of different scientific disciplines to be brought together.


…complex measurement processes

Conventional measurements are often indirect, i.e. the sample is tested before and after curing and conclusions are drawn.


As a result, the equipment is expensive and requires operator and training time.

Especially if the production process is to be monitored closely and in real time, it is important to detect potential faults at an early stage and correct them if necessary.

With the IGB-sense®, many deviations and faults can be detected and counteracted before or in real time during production.

Fast processes can be visualised, documented and immediately controlled in real time with

How does the IGB-sense® visualise the curing
of the adhesive?


Physical and chemical phenomena during polymerisation

can be visualised with IGB-sense®


The physical properties of a liquid adhesive change during curing and this change can also be visualised with IGB-sense®.


The changes from liquid to solid adhesive are recorded with IGB-sense® and visualise the curing process.


The curing process of adhesives is documented with IGB-sense® and provides valuable information for development, quality assurance and production monitoring.

How does IGB-sense® give me confidence
in my production processes?


The mobile, wireless IGB-sense® sensor is placed in the production system together with other production elements.


The system automatically analyses the polymerisation process in real time and compares all parameters with reference data.


In the event of a deviation, the IGB-sense® sends an alarm signal.

The IGB-sense® can also stop the entire process or trigger other

configuration-dependent actions via the PLC interface.

The IGB-sense® measuring system

The IGB-sense® measuring system in a practical case contains everything you need for increased process reliability

in industrial bonding processes:

User-friendly, versatile, flexible and complete



All functions are displayed in the control panel of the

intuitively operate software.


Wide range of applications

UV curing of adhesives, lacquers, paints, inks, potting compounds and thermal curing of adhesives at room temperature Curing of adhesives/sealants

(2K adhesives, moisture cross-linking, anaerobic).


Comprehensive documentation

All results are saved. The evaluation is carried out either in the supplied software or in any spreadsheet programme of your choice.

In addition to fast processes, ageing processes can also be analysed.

Intuitive, simple and quick to use


Installing the

IGB-sense® software


Connecting receiver via USB cable with the PC


Starting the IGB-sense® software and measurement


Applying the product to be measured


Measuring the product


Saving and analysing results

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