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Innovative & reliable UV curing solutions for industrial

applications and demanding process requirements

Enlightenment included

Our Mission

Listening closely

- Customer Orientation

- Process analysis

- Many years of market experience

- Technical competence


- Holistic and sustainable planning

- First-hand knowledge

- Customer proximity

- Supporting your process development


- Strong partner network

- Well known brand names & proven technology

- Savings potential

- Process reliability

We offer you
solutions for special applications


Process-safe curing control


UV-curing solutions up to 95.000mW/cm²


Wireless measurement systems for maximum mobility


Modules for UV processes


Medical technology


Mechanical engineering

We are IGB-tech
passionately focused on UV process technology

We understand our customers and their industry and see ourselves as solution providers. As a customer, you benefit from our lean structures and technical expertise.


We supply products from renowned manufacturers with proven quality in combination with consulting and technical services.


Our portfolio is also strengthened by a curing spectrometer developed in-house. Years of development and customer feedback have turned this device – previously not available in this form – into a market-ready product.


With holistic and sustainable planning, we support our clients in developing better products.

IGB-tech offers a variety of solutions based
on UV-process technology

To fully solve a bonding task, all components must be finely tuned to each other.

Surface preparation

To achieve a reliable bond with maximum adhesion to component surfaces, surface preparation is often unavoidable.

Adhesives and coatings

Our adhesives portfolio is the result of 20 years of innovative technology development for future applications.

Dispensing technology

Besides the adhesive, quality bonding requires suitable materials and components with adhesive-compatible design and clean surfaces.

UV-Radiation Technology

The selection of a suitable radiation source for a curing task is primarily based on the requirements for radiation output, wavelength and irradiation area.


In order to ensure a stable production process, it is necessary to monitor the radiation output and to adjust it if necessary.


In order to avoid disadvantages such as ageing, wear and tear and non-comparability between different manufacturers, the developers at IGB-tech have come up with a different approach.