OmniCure External Filter Adaptor Kit

Omnicure S2000 External Filter Adaptor Kit

Changeable filters for 320-390nm UVA and 250-450nm UVA & UVB

  • 5 different broad band filter options
  • Quickly & easily alter the spectral output from your OmniCure S2000
  • No downtime in your manufacturing process

The External Filter Adaptor Kit (item 019-00108) is the quickest and easiest way to adjust the spectral output from your OmniCure S2000 lamp.

Attaching the filter externally ensures that the lamp runs at a constant temperature, so there will be no shift in the spectrum caused by the bulb overheating. Operating under optimal conditions will also ensure the long life of the bulb.

You will reduce the downtime for your manufacturing process by choosing from 5 different filter options to manually change the output without having to send your lamp to an OmniCure authorised service centre for calibration.

Also compatible with the OmniCure S2001 whose optional Fe/Hg bulbs are ideal for applications where a shorter wavelength is required.

Available filters

  • 320-480nm (standard) part number 019-01022
  • 320-390nm part number 019-01022
  • 365nm part number 019-01022
  • 400-500nm part number 019-01022
  • Blank part number 019-01022
Available filters

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  • Choice of 5 broad band filters to suit spectral requirements
  • Long bulb life due to optimal operating conditions
  • Full Hg lamp spectrum available
  • Optional Fe/Hg bulbs for short wavelength applications
  • Narrow band filters (±10nm) as available optional extras
  • Easily measure the intensity of the light output by using the OmniCure R2000-Radiometer.

The External Filter Adaptor Kit is ideal for applications where the spectral output of the OmniCure S2000 needs to be changed frequently to meet specific wavelength requirements of the photoinitiators being used.

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